Swingarm Super Scoop

The Swingarm Super Scoop has been designed to restrict side to side, as well as, up and down movement of the animals head. The rubber lined scoop tilts the head into a positon which makes mouthing, drenching, ear-tagging, treatment to the eyes or any other part of the head easier and more efficient. The Swingarm Super Scoop is the ideal unit for providing a safer working environment for both animal and operator.

Swingarm Neckbar

The Swingarm Neckbar is designed to restrict the animals up and down head movement. Its purpose is to lift the head of the animal from as low as ground
level and hold it at a desired height. It is the ideal unit for working on and
around the head of the animal and reduces the stress on animal and operator
while making the process more efficient.


The Swingarm Super Scoop and the Swingarm Neckbar are both fitted with quick release case hardened ratchets systems to avoid choking problems should the animal fall in the Pro-Chute.

Swingarm Super Scoop in operation
Swingarm Neckbar in operation

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