Pro-Chute Options and Accessories

Roof Kit

The Roof Kit has been designed to protect your Pro-Chute against tough weather conditions ensuring you get the longest working life span possible. This easy to assemble unit comes flat packed.

Panel Connection Hoops

Above: Panel Connection Hoops
Above: Beef King Pro-Chute fitted with Panel Connection Hoops and Swingarm Super Scoop



The Panel Connection Hoops bolt onto the front of the headbail permitting you to attach panels or gates while still allowing room for the use of the Swingarm Super Scoop or Swingarm Neckbar.

Pro-Chute Floor

Above: Pro-Chute with flooring installed
Above: Pro-Chute Floor panels


The Pro-Chute Floor is a standard two piece unit which has the advantage of being installed and removed when required. It is Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised and is constructed from 3mm Checker Plate Steel with anti-slip grips welded onto the checker Australian Steel Plate.

Head Extending Rails

The Head Extending Rails allow the animals head to be held 60mm out from the face of the headbail making operations like ear-tagging and dehorning more accessible.

Head extending rails fitted
Head extending rails (separate)












Indicator Arm

The Indicator Arm is a rotating arm designed to hold your weighing indicator. When not in use the Indicator Arm can be easily removed. It is the perfect accessory for keeping your indicator in a safe and easily accessible place when weighing your cattle.

Above: Indicator Arm fitted
Above: Indicator Arm (Separate)



Baulk Gate

The heavy duty Baulk Gate is designed to assist the operator in reducing the amount of uncaught animals that slip through the headbail by blocking their path out the front of the Pro-Chute. The Baulk Gate is able to be fitted to the freestanding MK5 Headbail as well as any of our Pro-Chute range.

Above: Baulk Gate fitted
Above: Baulk Gate (separate)


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